Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Junk Nail 1

The concept of a junk nail was recently introduced to me by a co-worker whose ringer finger nail looked like a disco ball, while the rest of her nails were a much more subtle, solid color.  She explained to me that while it would be fun to have all disco nails, it would simply be too much, so she limits the fun to her "junk nail".  The ring finger is a good spot for a junk nail because it's big enough to handle some design unlike many pinky finger nails--and it is not predominantly used like the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger.  This not only makes the nail less obvious for professional situations, but also preserves the work you did on it. 

A few days later, another co-worker had the cutest flower design on her ring finger, as well as a nice glitter layer on half of her other non-junk nails.  Inspired by the two ladies, here is my first quick and easy experiment with the junk nail.  I love the blue glitter nail polish, but it's usually too obnoxious to wear--perfect for the junk nail!  I added a fine gold glitter layer over the bright purple to my pinky and thumb nails to complete my manicure.  

Since then, I have discovered the art of nail-stamping, so expect much more intricate junk nails in the future!

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