Monday, May 23, 2011

Walk of Tulips

These are from a gorgeous day of running errands the other day.  While waiting to cross the street, I noticed the flowers above and had to take a picture.  This turned into me taking a lot of pictures as I walked around getting errands done.  Tulips seemed popular in this area!

Love the multicolored display.  And found these two tulips pictures below growing around each other.  How cute :)

Pretty lamp post.  Pretty flowers.  Pretty tree.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Relaxing on the Beach

I spent a large amount of my my Mexico vacation on the beach.  This was the view I enjoyed as I reclined on my chair and read my book while sipping on unlimited pina coladas, mojitos, and caipirinhas.

Below is the water we swam in and the sand bar we played on.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Junk Nail 2

To start off with, I confess this is not a junk nail.  That was the intent but once I stamped this design on to my ring finger I realized two things.  First, the design was relatively subtle.  Second, I loved it too much to keep the prettiness on only one nail.  And so the junk nail spread to all the other nails!

For my nail posts, I was thinking about also providing info on what I used (nail polishes, nail stamping plates, etc)--that is, if there is any interest for that information...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cenot Ik Kil

This sinkhole is located near Chichen Itza (a separate post on that coming up), a large archaeological site built by the Mayans.  It is not the main sinkhole at Chichen Itza where sacrifices were made, but we were told it is one of the prettiest.  There was a large sprialing staircase to take us down to the level of the water. 

This is the view across the top of the sinkhole from the staircase entrance.  You can see the gift shop on the other side.

And this is looking down into the sinkhole from the top.

There was an opening in the staircase behind some vines.

And we are at the water level!

Looking up just a bit.

And looking up at the opening from the water level.

Another shot of swimming tourists.

And a close up of the vines.